The Lamonica family has been in the pizza business since 1954 and began producing its own frozen pizza dough in 1962. My father Louie “Gigi” Lamonica came from Italy educated as a lawyer, but thankfully realized that America needed Pizzaiolo’s more than Lawyer’s (he also didn’t want to go to school any more). He decided to enter the Pizza Business. He and my uncles owned pizzeria’s from Massachusetts to Maryland. In order to ensure a consistent product and have control of sales, he made the Pizza Dough in Brooklyn and shipped it to each pizzeria.

In 1980, together with my Dad, I opened LAMONICA’S NY-PIZZA in Los Angeles. The only way we could ensure the authentic taste of traditional New York pizza was to bring our dough from NY, which we have been doing since 1980.

In 1991 Lamonica’s Pizza Dough Company was established and I began producing frozen pizza dough in L.A. We now have two state-of-the-art frozen dough facilities. I have always been committed to making a dough ball that tastes like it was made “last night” in the pizza kitchen.

Among our clients you will find COSTCO, LOBLAW SUPERMARKETS (CANADA), NORDSTROM, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD, RESTAURANT DEPOT and 300 AMF BOWLING CENTERS, all of whom appreciate our quality and consistency.

Experienced HACCP trained bakers produce each dough ball and pizza skin using the best ingredients. Our bakers in both N.Y. and L.A. boast over 125 years of combined industrial pizza production experience and will assure you a consistent quality product all year round.

Additionally, the quality, consistency, and safety of our products is ensured by our experience and the added step of x-raying each dough ball and pizza skin.

If you are using, or thinking of using dough balls or pizza skins, please give us a call.


John Lamonica


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2011 Winner of San Francisco Chronicle’s Taster’s Choice panel for ‘Do it Yourself Pizza’

“We used to make our own dough on a regular basis, but discovered Lamonica’s dough and that was that. Time after time, results have proven that whether cooked in a conventional oven or in the Pizzeria Pronto®, Lamonica’s crust is tasty, perfectly golden, and crisp with the right amount of soft chewiness inside”   - Pizza Craft

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